April 2024 collection dates will be April 13 and April 20 to accommodate the Tour of the Gila

Who We Are


We are a 100% volunteer-run organization, including dozens of individuals who run our biweekly collections. Thank you for your energy and time!

Corporate Members

We team up with local organizations and companies to encourage recycling activities in Grant County, New Mexico.

Board Members

Our five-member volunteer board oversees and organizes Silver City Recycling activities.

Our Board

Chris Lemme

Chris Lemme, President

Chris Lemme has been a software engineer, IT consultant and is currently a custom home builder in Silver City. With a background in systems engineering, he never thought he would start and head up a recycling non-profit, but circumstance and opportunity said otherwise. He strives to reduce his environmental impact through well-considered life choices and hopes to be able to help others do the same.

Lynn DiFiore

Lynn DiFiore, Secretary

“It’s not easy being green” K. Frog

I’ve always been involved in some type of volunteer activity wherever I have lived & Silver City is no exception for me. I am very sad there are such limited opportunities here in our beautiful town for recycling & I am glad to help out in any way I can. I’m grateful so many folks are willing to donate their time volunteering as well as sitting in line to recycle. I hope we can find a much more sustainable option in the future!

Kelsey Patterson, Treasurer

Kelsey has worked as a costume designer and technician for the last 15 years. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with an MFA in Costume Design and Technology. Her passion for all things fiber extends to textile dyeing and manipulation. Reinvention and repurposing are techniques frequently utilized in her theatrical arts.  Kelsey is a semi-recent transplant to Silver City in the last 4 years from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently, she owns Revel restaurant with her husband Brian and partner Jesse. Kelsey’s interest in mindful consumption and a low impact lifestyle began early in life. She enjoys collaborating with others and creative problem solving to reduce environmental impact.  

Jennifer Lamborn

Jennifer Lamborn, Board Member

“What would future people ask us to do?”

I began volunteering at SCR as soon as I heard of its existence because I believe that grassroots movements are one of the best ways to resist injustice.  Leaving the world in worse shape for the people who will be here when we are gone is a matter of intergenerational justice. I am interested in environmental ethics, the rights of nonhuman nature, and sustainability.  I am grateful to live in a community of open-minded people who are willing to work together to create a saner and more just world.

Dave Kidder

Dave Kidder, Board Member

Thanks for using Silver City Recycles. The best garbage is the type that never occurs. I know that it’s impossible to eliminate purchasing items in plastic. We need plastic and chemical companies to take back what they produce or set up plastic recycling plants nationwide.