April 2024 collection dates will be April 13 and April 20 to accommodate the Tour of the Gila

What We Recycle

Recycled glass


  • Clean, dry and unbroken bottles
  • Please remove lids, caps, and plastic rings
  • Labels can stay on
  • Only blue glass should be separated; all other colors can go together
recycled plastic


  • We accept plastics #1, #2 and #5. They can be collected together (no sorting necessary!)
  • Clean plastic only! No food or residue
  • No need to remove plastic rings
  • If you can easily remove labels, please do so, but it’s not required.
  • Please flatten as much as possible – plastic takes up alot of space!
recycled steel


  • Most commonly includes “tin” cans (NOTE: also includes aluminum foil & aluminum cat food cans) 
  • If possible, please flatten to help us save space. You can flatten cans by using a can opener on the bottom round section and removing it
  • You can use a magnet to check if a metal can is aluminum or steel — if it is attracted to the magnet, it is most likely steel
recycled aluminum


  • Aluminum beverage cans only. Please sort aluminum foil, cat food cans and pie plates with your steel cans.
  • Clean and dry cans
  • Crushed if possible (saves storage space)
recycled cardboard


  • Must be corrugated (amazon boxes, appliance boxes, etc.) that has two (or more) distinct layers separated by an air gap.
  • Cereal boxes, beer cases, etc., are NOT classified as cardboard. These are paper products and cannot be recycled with cardboard
  • Cardboard should be folded and cut so it stacks flat and is smaller than a four-foot square